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I'm a freelance science writer and editor based in Washington, DC, specializing in chemistry. I've written about an alleged arsenic life form, a doping scandal at the Rio Olympics, and the alchemy tools used by 19th-century geisha.

Before becoming a journalist, I earned a Ph.D. at Princeton University, where I was part of a team that completed the first lab synthesis of a molecule found in small amounts deep in the Sea of Japan that showed hints of promise as an antibiotic. During grad school I ventured into science communication, beginning with a blog and later with writing assignments for the university's communications office and the Association of Women in Science. 

I joined the staff of Chemical & Engineering News after my Ph.D., where in addition to reporting I co-founded the award-winning YouTube show "Speaking of Chemistry". I later helped direct C&EN's weekly news coverage and worked on the communications team for Michelin-starred chef José Andrés, a lecturer at Harvard's Science and Cooking course.

At conferences and universities I speak about how to make your science stand out to reporters, how to use Twitter effectively, and how to transition to science communication from a Ph.D.

Photo by RosaLovesDC

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